richs-home-Chapman-familypicOur goal here at Rich’s has been the same since 1979: To help you create an atmosphere where you can connect deeply with family and friends.

Inside your home, and outside your home.

Every product we carry will create a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation.

Our staff can help you design your dream environment. So come in and start dreaming.

Here’s to you and creating priceless memories.

If You’d Like to Know A Bit More (from Rich’s founder, Larry Chapman)

My sister Ann started it all with a phone call in the fall of 1979.

“Larry, have I got a business for you.”

She was right. After two months of twenty four hour days (and a lot of prayer) we had our first tiny store. We didn’t sell much that first year, but we learned a lot and boy did we have fun.

Thirty-six years later, we’ve grown into five superstores, selling more woodstoves, hot tubs, grills, and outdoor furniture than anyone else in the country and helped a whole lot of people fall more in love with their homes and their families.

Best of all, my son Jon and daughter Jennifer are a big part of Rich’s. Jon runs our corporate operations and Jennifer and my wife Marianne plan the yearly redesign of all our stores so the latest products are always on display.

So stop by, see if there’s anything you like. I’d love you to meet my family, and we’d love to meet yours.

For your home,

Larry Chapman