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Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

If You've Ever Owned a Hot Tub, You Need No Persuading

What’s better than slipping into that hot, soothing
water after a long day? We agree. Nothing!

A hot tub transforms you. Stress leaves. Those little aches and pains float away. But don’t take our word for it. Drop by one of our stores with your suit in hand. Yep, you can try out one of our hot tubs for as long as you like. Seriously. A hot tub is a big investment. So we’d love to have you stop by and experience our tubs as completely as possible.

Why Get a Hot Tub from Rich’s?

  • The northwest’s largest selection
  • Coast spas carry the highest possible international quality certification–in other words there’s no better spa available anywhere
  • We have spas perfect for smaller backyard areas
  • We carry swim spas too!

Choosing the Right Hot Tub

Answering these questions before shopping will help you find the ideal tub for your family:

• On average, how many people will use the hot tub at the same time?
• Will you use the hot tub year round?
• What’s the size of the spot you’ll put the hot tub? (Grab your tape measure and be sure of the square footage.)
• What is your budget?
• Will your hot tub site need prep work? If yes, are you going to do it, or hire it out?

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