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The Latest Wrought Iron Bistro Furniture from O.W. Lee


In my last post, I mentioned that we’ve just finished re-landscaping our front yard. My teenage sons want to put a grill in the flat gravel oasis we created among the trees, but I’d prefer a beautiful bench, or a small bistro table and a couple of chairs. That way, I can relax in my peaceful grotto and watch the sun set.

Fortunately, Rich’s carries everything I could ever imagine to decorate my new outdoor space. In fact, Rich’s features seven bistro collections from O.W. Lee: Amore, Cirque, Mira, Soleil, Café Ole, Corona, and Fiesta. Here’s a slideshow of the bistro collections:

I’m looking for two main features in the bistro set I purchase: weather-ability and comfort. Turns out that the O.W. Lee collections earn top marks for both.


I spoke with O.W. Lee sales representative, Ed Joseph, and he told me that the wrought iron and wrought aluminum their furniture is constructed of is designed to be left outside. “It’s very strong and it will withstand physical abuse and weight sitting on it better than any other type of outdoor furniture,” Ed says.

When I expressed concern that the furniture might rust, Ed reassured me that O.W. Lee has tackled that issue: “They treat the metal to prevent it from rusting, so it’s durable in the most extreme conditions, including salt water environments and in extreme heat or cold.”


“O.W. Lee stands out in this category; they work extremely hard at creating ergonomic design,” says Ed. They contour their chairs to form to the way a body sits on a chair, so it’s as comfortable as possible. Their (optional) chair cushions are designed for outdoor use, so they withstand the elements and don’t sag or get hard over time.


Recycled Materials: O.W. Lee uses recycled materials for the production of their wrought iron furniture. Ed told me that wrought iron is extremely strong, even when it’s recycled. And I like the “green” aspect of using recycled materials whenever possible.

Special Orders: Rich’s can special order any O.W. Lee furniture, regardless of whether it’s on the showroom floor. O.W. Lee furniture is offered in 12 metal finishes and over 200 fabrics, so I can customize to my heart’s content.

Okay; I’m sold! Now I just have to choose my favorite collection. I’m leaning toward the Soleil, Mira, or Cirque, because I love the old-fashioned ice cream parlor look and I think those collections will fit best in the space I have created. Please help me decide -- vote for your favorite in the Comments area.