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Winterizing your Yard


Yard and garden 004 I suspect you saw just as I did this AM that the first frost of the year arrived last night. Well, at least it did in my area. Perhaps you have already had a frost. Either way, it's a good reminder to hurry up and finish winterizing your yard, if you have not already done so.

We recommend:

  1. Picking the last of your summer veggies. Use them, give them away or find a way to can or freeze them.
  2. Pulling up the plant remnants and mulching your beds.
  3. Planting winter greens such as sugar snap peas, cabbage, lettuce etc if so inclined.
  4. Purchasing a cover for your hot-tub and using it.
  5. Purchasing a cover for your grill and covering it well.
  6. Stashing your grill and outdoor furniture away in storage (If you are like me, keep 1-2 chairs out for the sunny warm afternoons we are still having).
  7. Clearing any leaves and branches from your driveway, yard and sidewalk as they accumulate.
  8. Buying material to wrap your outdoor pipes if needed.
  9. Picking up planters, chairs, toys and anything else the wind can toss in the air.
  10. Tying back any plants you want to keep that might be sensitive to the wind.
  11. Crossing your fingers and hope for snow! (smile)
  12. Don't forget to shop Rich's for the Home if you are in need of a stove or fireplace for the winter.