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Visiting Rich's for the Home


P1010005 When you visit a Rich's for the Home Showroom, several things will stand out to you:

The knowledge, confidence and friendliness of the staff- Our staff has knowledge over and above your standard customer service member. We are quick to help, truly listen to your needs and know what recommendations to make to best meet those needs.

The educational opportunities available- Rich's for the Home customer service experts will not only help you while you are on the floor, but also are quick to ask other staff members questions if need be and present several options to you, including potential ones housed in catalogs behind the counters. The educational opportunity to learn more truly is outstanding.

The massive choices available- The showrooms are much more than a showroom. With the massive inventory available, you can shop for hours and see many options that will likely meet your needs. From hot-tubs to patio furniture and grills, Rich's for the Home truly does have everything that you need for outdoor living. We even have accessories for your patio, grill and outdoor rooms. 

In addition, because Rich's for the Home has several locations, it gives you the ability to access several different sets of inventory to find exactly what you need.

The option to test out merchandise- Yes indeed, if you are looking for a hot tub, you can take a soak test before you buy. Many customers really love this option. So bring your swimsuit and towel with you to your nearest location and hop on in. You will be glad for the chance to test out before you buy and your muscles will thank you too.

The back-up support of a good company- Rich's for the Home has been in business for years and has built their entire business on a solid reputation of taking good care of people. Not only will we help you with shopping, purchasing, tax credit questions and financing, but we remain there for you even after you have purchased your items. Many people visit Rich's for the Home on the advice of their family and friends and we know that you will find a good experience each time you visit as well.