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View the Fire in Your Stove from Anywhere in the Room


CypressGasStoveAvalon I love curling up in front of my stove with a good book, drowsily watching the flickering flames.

The folks at Avalon Firestyles must know how flames mesmerize us, because they designed the Cypress, a freestanding gas stove with a three-sided fireview.

That means we can view the fire through large windows (745 square inches, to be exact) on the front and both sides of the stove.

But here’s the feature I like most about the Cypress: You can choose from three different interior log and stone looks:

  1. Detailed six-piece log set
  2. Driftwood fire with glass floor media (Glass media comes with your choice of reflective Platinum, Bronze or Cobalt Blue colors)
  3. River stones with glass floor media (pictured below). Glass media comes with your choice of reflective Platinum, Bronze or Cobalt Blue colors.

To get the full effect of each of the three looks, watch the demonstration video below:

Avalon Cypress Flame Detail Showing Log Set Options from Travis Industries on Vimeo.

Here are several additional features of the Cypress that I find appealing:

Overhead Accent Light

Whether the fire is on or off, an adjustable, downward-pointing accent light glows above the logs, serving as a night light or as a soft indirect accent room light.

A “Green” Heating Powerhouse

The Cypress produces up to 40,000 BTUs and heats up to 2,000 feet. But this stove is also exceptionally “green” to operate. The Cypress uses the GreenSmart™ system, which provides precise control over the amount of heat and flame. Its intermittent pilot and gas control system includes a two-stage Dancing-Fyre™ burner, giving you an energy-efficient turn-down ratio of up to 70% on natural gas and 82% on propane.

The Comfort Control™ system allows you to turn off the rear burner and just keep the front burner on. This allows for less heat and lets you use your gas stove year-round.

Radiant and Convective Heating  Avalon Logo

The Cypress provides heat in two ways:

1.  Radiant heat comes off the stove in straight lines. Think of warming your backside around a campfire. Radiant heat gives the room gentle warmth and comfort to the room.

2.  Convection heat works like a forced-air furnace. The built in heat exchanger harnesses the radiant energy from the fire and transfers it to the air as it naturally circulates around the firebox. The super-heated air is then delivered not just into the room but throughout the house through natural convection.

Optional Blower

The addition of the 165 CFM blower increases the flow of air around the firebox. This makes it easier to move the convective heat out of the room and into the rest of your home.

Cypress Stove Stone Kit Platinum Glass

GreenSmart™ Remote Option

The Cypress gas stove can be installed and operated with a wall thermostat or basic remote control which offers ON/OFF and thermostat controls.

But who wants a wall thermostat when you can use a GreenSmart remote? This nifty gizmo gives you the ability to control all the stove’s functions (except the pilot setting and accent light) from one hand-held remote. You can run the stove in manual mode, set it to the traditional thermostat mode or in the “Smart Thermostat Mode.”

In “Smart Mode,” the flame modulates up/down as opposed to shutting OFF/ON like normal thermostats, thus conserving fuel and maximizing heating ability.

Direct Vent Technology

The Cypress features direct vent technology and can be vented vertically or horizontally, which means you can locate it in most areas of your home without worry. You can even install the Cypress on a hearth in front of an existing fireplace and vent it up the chimney.

The Cypress does not require any type of hearth pad in many installations, including wood flooring. The Cypress is also approved for close clearances to the back wall without expensive heat shields. This saves floor space and eliminates the requirement for expensive non-combustible wall protection.

Battery Backup for Emergencies

Last, but not least, the cypress has a built-in battery backup, which means you can operate your stove during power outages.  The back-up system automatically switches back to AC when the power comes back on.

The stove also has a battery-powered LED-lit control panel that automatically lights up when you lower the access panel. Handy for seeing the controls in a dark room.

See the Cypress in Action

To test-drive the Cypress gas freestanding stove, stop by any of Rich's Puget Sound showrooms in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Southcenter, Tacoma, or Silverdale.

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