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URComfort Patio Furniture = For Your Comfort


Lakeside URComfort SlingURComfort®. It stands for Ultimate Reclining Comfort. It’s pronounced “Your Comfort.”

What makes this particular collection of outdoor furniture from Tropitone so special that it flies out of Rich's five showrooms?

It could be the fact that it’s attractive.

Or it could be the fact that, like all Tropitone furnishings, it’s constructed to withstand the ravages of outdoor weather.

Or it could be because this furniture is really, really comfortable. Even sling lounge chairs, which you wouldn’t automatically expect to be comfortable, beckon you to sit down and relax. And to stay relaxed.

The URComfort® system is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. That tells you a lot about just how well-constructed this furniture is. The seating works in harmony with your body’s movement to find the most comfortable position. And it stays in that position until you decide to move. Then, it moves with you. The best part is that the articulated movement system uses a minimum of moving parts.

I gave the URComfort® Sling a test-drive to see whether it lives up to its name. Sure enough, I easily reclined the generously-sized seat just the right amount and it stayed in the exact position most comfortable for me.

The URComfort® Collection is available in both Sling and Cushion versions in two of Tropitone’s most popular frame designs, Montreux and Lakeside.

The Sling versions include traditional single layer slings, double-layer Duplex slings, and elegant new Padded Slings.

At the top of this article is a picture of the Lakeside URComfort® Sling Collection. You can special order any of the following pieces:

  • Lounge chair
  • Action Lounger
  • Swivel Action Lounger
  • High Back Lounge Chair (like a dining chair)
  • Petite Lounge Chair

Here is the Lakeside URComfort® Cushion Collection:

Lakeside URComfort Cushion

And here is the Lakeside URComfort® Padded Sling:

Lakeside URComfort Padded Sling

Now, let’s take a look at the Montreux URComfort® Collection:



Padded Sling:


Duplex Sling: If you don’t want a padded sling, consider a duplex sling. A duplex sling features acrylic designer fabric on the front and textaline on the back to add comfort and durability.


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