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Play With Finishes and Fabrics at Rich's Tropitone Color Center


We have a new “toy” to show you at all five Rich’s showrooms. It’s the Tropitone Color Center.

The Color Center is an online tool that allows you to easily mix and match finishes and fabrics on many of Tropitone’s products and instantly see how the combinations look together.

Rich's Outdoor Furniture 2012 074
It’s a dream-come-true for interior decorators and the decorator-challenged alike, because you can try out different combinations until you come up with something that really appeals to the eye, and complements your home’s other furnishings.

Warning: The Color Center is addicting – it offers 16 finishes and nearly 120 fabric choices – so allow plenty of time to play.

Once you select the finish and fabric you like best, you can special order your furniture immediately.

We got a little carried away at the Tropitone Color Center ourselves – here are images of some of the combinations we experimented with, to give you an idea of how you can make the same chair look completely different, just by changing the finish and fabric.

These first six photos are all of the Torino Sling.

#1: Obsidian finish with Waffle Wicker Blue fabric
#2: Sonora finish with Sailor Sand fabric
#3: Graphite finish with Caracas fabric
#4: Rich Earth finish with Mojito Coffeebean fabric
#5: Almond Silk finish with Nova Earth fabric
#6: Obsidian finish with Canvas Hot Pink fabric

      TorinoPdSling_150301  TorinoPdSling_150301 sonora with sailor sand

      TorinoPdSling_graphite and caracas  TorinoPdSling_150301 Rich Earth with Coffeebean

      TorinoPdSling_150301 Almond silk with Nova earth  TorinoPdSling_pink 150301

      Next, take a look at what we did with the Lakeside Swivel Action Lounger:

      #1: Aluminum Metallic finish with Canvas henna fabric
      #2: Greco finish with Cabana Mahogany fabric
      #3: Almond Silk finish with Leigh Lemon fabric
      #4: Sonora finish with Bristol Air Blue fabric

         Lakeside Swivel Action Lounger 2Lakeside Swivel Action Lounger 1


      Lakeside Swivel Action Lounger 3  Lakeside Swivel Action Lounger 4

      Which one is your favorite?


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