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Tempest Table Top Torch: Portable, Affordable Ambiance


Ever since I got my first glimpse of a Tempest Torch, I’ve been mesmerized by its spinning, spiral-like flame.
Tempest Table Top Torch

Now, Tempest Torch has created an even more irresistible product: the Tempest Table Top Torch. You can use this smaller version indoors or outdoors.

Measuring about 20 inches high, the portable torch makes a great conversation piece at a dinner party or business conference. Its beautiful ambiance is perfect for a romantic, stay-at-home date night or an evening wedding. You can even take it on a camping trip; it’ll draw a crowd like moths to flame.

The Tempest Table Top Torch is easy to use, too. It uses a gelled ethanol-based fuel (appropriately called “Ambiance" fuel). The non-toxic, clean-burning fuel comes in either a can or a refill-sized container.

Simply insert the fuel can in the holder, light it, and lock it in place. In seconds, a beautiful flame will spiral upwards towards the top of the tempered glass housing. The fuel canister provides 1 ½ - 2 hours of burn time.

Here’s a helpful instructional video from Kurt Rumens, president of Travis Industries (manufacturer of the Tempest Torch brand, located in Mukilteo, WA):

Table Top Tempest Torch from Travis Industries on Vimeo.

You can purchase the Tempest Table Top Torch for $249 at any of Rich’s five Puget Sound showrooms. Rich’s also stocks a variety of other Tempest Torch products, so stop by and ask for a demonstration.

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