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ProBuilder Series™ of Gas Fireplaces: High-Quality, Economical Heating

If you’re looking for an economical gas fireplace that doesn’t compromise on quality or beauty, look no further than the ProBuilder Series™, designed and manufactured locally at Travis Industries. These excellent zone heaters include simple operation systems and optional upgrades.

5 Things You Never Knew About Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are undergoing major redesigns to reflect Americans' desire to save space and heat efficiently, while still enjoying the benefits of a crackling fire. Here are five concepts that are revolutionizing the electric fireplace industry:

How Convection Heating Works in Wood Stoves

Wood stoves heat a space via convection. Convection is the process of conveying or transferring heat energy by moving or circulating air currents from one region to another.

The Advantages of Zone Heating over Central Heating

Converting from a central heating system to zone heating saves most people an average of 20-30 percent in energy costs.