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Three Wood and Gas Fireplaces to Transform Your Living Space

With more of us working from home, we have daily opportunities to envision transforming that outdated, unattractive space into something inviting and cozy. To inspire you, we’ll introduce you to a new wood insert, a clean face gas fireplace, and a linear gas fireplace.
DaVinci Linear Gas Fireplace |

Linear Gas Fireplaces: Stylish Accessory for Restaurants, Waiting Areas, Homes

Linear gas fireplaces are must-haves for many businesses. They’re ideal for hotels, offices, malls, restaurants, lounges, hospitals, and other large-scale commercial or residential projects. Check out the extensive photo gallery on Rich's blog.
DaVinci Custom Fireplaces at Rich's for the Home

Cool-to-the-Touch Gas Fireplaces for Commercial Spaces

Perfect for restaurants, hotels, medical offices, corporate board rooms and other commercial spaces: An aesthetically pleasing, custom linear gas fireplace that's cool to the touch.