Swiss Grills and Blaze Grills: Commercial-Quality Cooking Performance

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Passionate about grilling? Want to ensure restaurant-style quality cooking at an affordable price?

Look no further than Swiss Grills and Blaze Grills, two brands we’re stocking in all five Rich's showrooms. We're impressed with the design, quality, and function of these gas grills, and we think you will be, too.

Here’s a brief introduction to the Swiss Grill Arosa Series and the Blaze 5-burner grill.  

Swiss Grill Arosa Series

Grilling Alfresco is a year-round experience with an Arosa Series grill. Completely stainless steel inside and out, Swiss Grills have been popular in Europe for 24 years and are making their first appearance in the U.S.

Swiss Grill Arosa Series A250SS

The Swiss are known for their attention to detail, and their grills are no exception. The grill’s hood features cast aluminum end caps and a double-walled stainless steel hood panel, which holds the heat inside the grill for better cooking performance.

The cooking grids are built from heavyweight stainless steel with a polished edge.

Stainless Steel Grids and Flavor Waves

Stainless steel flame tamers keep flare-ups at bay. The flame tamers divert dripping juices away from the burner and allow those juices to vaporize and float back up on the food, giving it that delectable outdoor barbecue flavor.

The Arosa A250SS, which we’re featuring here, includes 6 stainless steel tubular burners. Each heavyweight burner has its own separate igniter.

Stainless Steel Burners Swiss Grill

The side burner has a flush cover, enabling you to use that space as a prep area when you’re not using the side burner. Underneath the side-burner’s cover is a ceramic infrared burner that runs at very high temperatures. The infrared burner is perfect for searing ahi tuna or steak and it performs consistently, regardless of whether it’s windy or cold outside.

Infrared Side Burner Swiss Grill

When you’re cooking at a high temperature, the stainless steel warming rack serves as secondary cooking surface when you’re cooking at a high temperature or when you want to cook or heat items that don’t require as much heat, such as vegetables or bread.

You’ll love the infrared ceramic burner behind the warming rack, which provides 2000 BTUs of heat for rotisserie cooking of a chicken or roast. Rotisserie cooking keeps the juices in while nicely browning the outside of the food. Best of all, Arosa grills come standard with a commercial-grade rotisserie kit.

The grill includes a two-level rack; raise it for searing meat or lower it and put a pot or pan on it and use as a side burner.

A large thermometer shows you exactly what the temperature is inside the grill.

Swiss Style Thermometer

And, in typical Swiss fashion, each grill is equipped with a bright red bottle opener so you can enjoy a beverage while you’re cooking.

Bottle Opener Swiss Grill

This video introduces you to the features on the Arosa grills:

Blaze Grills

The Blaze 5-burner grill helps you conquer practically any barbecuing challenge. The 40-inch on-cart gas grill comes with five commercial-grade cast stainless steel burners that each deliver 14,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Blaze 40-inch 5-burner grill

The 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner works great with the optional rotisserie kit. The rotisserie kit includes motor, spit rod, 2 forks and counter balance.

Blaze Rotisserie Kit

The stainless steel grill hood is double-lined to protect the outer layer from heat discoloration.


Starting the Blaze grill is effortless; push-and-turn flame-thrower primary ignition, backup flash tube secondary ignition and crosstubes ensure a steady, reliable flame with every start.

The removable warming rack is an ideal place to keep bread and other food heated while you grill.

Stainless steel heat zone separators isolate a cooking area to maintain specific temperature zones.

The flame-stabilizing grid minimizes flare-ups and the full-width drip tray makes cleanup a breeze.


The stainless steel grill cart features two front doors for storing your propane tank, grill cover and BBQ accessories. The cart also includes four heavy duty caster wheels, allowing you to relocate the grill easily whenever necessary, and two side shelves for a convenient work area.

This video demonstrates a grill test:

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