Ten Steps to Stove Safety

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Please do not forget to protect little ones who are in your home when it come to your stove and fireplaces. There is nothing more horrendous than injury—and burns are especially bad. It’s just not worth the risk. Here are some safety ideas to help keep everyone safe.

  1. Consider a safety gate around your stove and fireplace. KidCo Hearthgate is an excellent choice and they have extensions available if you have a larger area to protect.
  2. Handy with the tools? My uncle made a gate for me when I had little ones. He welded it from black iron and then installed it across the front of the wood stove. But be aware that any metal will heat up.
  3. Teach kids that the surface of the stove is “hot”.
  4. Don’t let them play in the fire. Tell them they can “help” only when supervised by an adult.
  5. Emphasize that lighters and matches are dangerous and store them out of reach. Never use the surface of the stove to “dry” wood (yes, I did that once then fell asleep and awoke to a fire).
  6. Never leave the door to the lit stove open—even if just running elsewhere to get wood. Never leave your safety gate open either.
  7. Do not leave young children unsupervised in a room with a lit stove or fireplace.
  8. Teach kids about embers and sparks. Mine used to call to me every time the fire popped but that’s OK. It was a reminder to check for flying embers.
  9. Check with manufacturers about any potential safety issues and read the manual that came with your unit.
  10. Be extra careful if you ever cook on your stove surface to instruct kids on the dangers of being near. Always watch boiling water on top so it doesn’t completely evaporate.

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