Tax Credit for Purchasing Stoves

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Fire One of the benefits to the new stimulus plan is a tax credit of up to $1,500.00 towards the purchase and installation of renewable bio-mass heating sources, including wood and pellet stoves with a Lower Heating Value of at least 75%. Although the IRS is still deciding how the Lower Heating Value will be defined, this is good news for anyone considering a wood or pellet stove for their home. With that kind of tax credit, you can practically get one for free.

We will make sure and keep you updated on more information as it becomes available. But why don't you visit Rich's for the Home today and start making a list of of the features that you want in your "practically-free" stove? Don't forget to keep your decor in mind as you do. You can write down prices, take pictures and when you get more information on the tax credit, decide what stove works best for you.

See you soon!


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