Stoves and Fireplaces for only $588.99!

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Avalon DVL Gas Insert The big story in our area right now is, of course, the weather. Brrrr! Are you cold? I hope that with the “Big Freeze” that you are cuddling near your stove or fireplace. I also hope that you are staying off the roads as much as possible, and staying safe.

I don’t know about you, but the kink in the weather sure put a kink in my holiday plans! I was going to accomplish SO much this week! So the next post, I will talk about planning for your holiday gathering at the last minute.

In the meantime, let’s look at the advantages of owning a stove or fireplace from Rich’s for the Home.

  1. “When the weather outside is frightful”, you can be assured of warmth, even if the power goes out. This is so very important—especially when temps are hovering in the teens and twenties, as they currently are.
  2. You can usually save money on your heating bill by using your stove or fireplace in conjunction with or instead of your furnace.
  3. You can save money when purchasing a stove or fireplace from Rich’s. Right now they start as low as $588.99! That’s an amazing price!
  4. Stoves and fireplaces add an instant cozy feel to your home and encourage family gatherings.
  5. They also add a touch of unique décor to your rooms that people are drawn to.
  6. You can make S’Mores and even cook on many stoves and fireplaces. A popcorn and hot cocoa night is a sure way to draw your kids from their rooms.

What are you waiting for? You can’t beat the price of $588.99 so head to your nearest Rich’s for the Home today and don’t shiver throughout another night.

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