How to Heat Your Home with the Oil Crisis

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P1010011small The Wall Street Journal reported on the oil crisis and the effect that it has on the heating industry. "With record-high winter fuel costs on the horizon…panic to find alternative heat sources is sparking unusual early demand for an old warmth standby: the wood-burning stove. Brisk early sales in cold weather states of these units, as well as other hearth appliances that burn sawdust pellets, corn, and even cherry and olive pits, has caught manufacturers and dealers by surprise after two years of tepid sales…many are reporting backlogs of models that in some cases won't arrive until next year."

In addition, "…it is likely to become more challenging, and costlier, to find mainstay wood and pellet models." And as if that weren’t enough, the demand is creating an issue to getting installation in a timely matter too. Some companies have had to double their staff to deal with the extra demand and I suspect that some aren’t keeping up at all.

A wood, gas or pellet stove is a perfect way to stand up to the oil crunch. It is also the best way to ensure that you have a heat source when the power goes out this winter. Rich’s for the Home is prepared to meet the extra demand with their stoves in stock and on stand-by but I encourage you to not delay in purchasing one.

Hurry to your local Rich’s and make sure that you and yours are well taken care of, as well as less dependent on other countries this winter.

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