Getting Ready for Fall Storms

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Before you know it, Fall will be upon us and our glorious NW storms will once again make an House1 appearance. Did you miss them? I certainly didn't although I know some people who love them. It may help you to remember that storms are a season in themselves and although not all of us look forward to it, it will end just like any other season.

Why don't you think of a way to celebrate the storms this Fall? A good way to do this is to plan a trip to the coast for storm-watching.

You can also make sure that your home is ready for storms. There are several ways to do this. Below are our recommendations:

  1. Buy a wood/pellet/gas stove or fireplace if you haven't already. As you know the government stimulus plan will provide a tax credit up $1500.00 for your purchase of approved ones. All the stoves at Rich's for the Home qualify so now is a great time to buy.
  2. Stock up on fuel for your stove or fireplace.
  3. Winterize your home by checking for areas that heat may be escaping. Check around windows and doors in particular.
  4. Clean your gutters before the winds start.
  5. Clear any tree branches that might be dangerous when the winds start. Consult with an arborist if you have questions about it.
  6. If you don't already have shades on your windows in addition to curtains, you should consider having them installed. They help heat stay put.
  7. Restock your emergency supplies. Make sure that you have lighting, propane if needed and glowsticks.
  8. Have your furnace serviced, if needed.

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