Features of Stoves

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With the Hearthstone brand of stoves, you can use the concept of  "Zone Heating" to save 20-40% of your energy consumption. Zone Heating allows you to control the temperature to each area as needed so that you aren't wasting energy by heating the spaces that don't need as much. It not only reduces your footprint but also saves you money. A gas stove or insert in particular from Hearthstone can help with this effort.

The Lopi Yankee pellet stove can save you a lot of time and grief as it will heat up to 2,250 square feet for 48 hours without reloading. Can you imagine the allure of that? I know that my kids and I both would enjoy that feature.

The Lopi 21 TRV Portrait Style Gas Fireplaces are a cozy and convenient way to provide the warmth and beauty of fire to rooms not normally considered for fireplaces. They're designed for corner or limited space installations in small, intimate settings such as bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms or kitchens.

With its unique heat transfer system and elegant design, the Avalon Rainier Wood Stove has radiant surfaces and a convection heat exchanger and can heat up to a 1,800-sq. ft. home. It also has a large firebox that can burn logs up to 20” long. It works well for burning overnight without restocking. A single air control adjusts heat output, and the optional pedestal base features a huge ashpan to minimize ash removal between burns.

Best part? If your local Rich's for the Home does not have what you want in stock, they will order it for you.

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