How to Buy a Stove or Fireplace

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P1010012 Are you feeling a little chill in the air yet? I am at times and will admit—I don’t like it very much. I would be happy with two summers and two springs in the year.

It’s a reminder that it is time to plan for your stove or fireplace. Here are goals that I suggest as you start your research.

  1. Try to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. Gas stoves emit the least amount of harmful carbons to your home and our environment. But there are also wood-burning, electric and pellet stoves available.

  2. Consider the lovely power outages that are a part of the northwest winter. Will you want a back-up cooking source via your stove or fireplace? Having been through a six-day long outage last year, I highly recommend it.

  3. Consider your sources for fuel: Want to burn wood? It’s getting pricier so check for resources ahead of time. Check your local want ads, ask your friends, prepare your ax and family for a couple trips to chop wood if you have access to it—before the weather gets bad. Want it delivered instead? Look for those resources now. Decided on pellet? Research where you can find pellets and the prices for them. And of course for gas stoves-you will need propane access so start researching now.

  4. Consider your décor. Fortunately, Rich’s for the Home has a large variety of stoves and fireplaces available. They even have some cool colors. Chances are you will find one to blend. Don’t see it right away? Ask a store helper as they have access to inventory not on the floor.

  5. Consider safety. If you have small children in the household, please consider a gate of some type to fit around your new heating source. Safety, of course, is the most important consideration.

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