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Stay Toasty Year-Round with an Outdoor Heater


My neighbors have an outdoor heater on their patio, and they sit outside every evening of the year, enjoying the sunset while sipping a glass of wine.

Whether it’s a chilly early spring day or a summer evening that turns a bit nippy, an outdoor heater can keep you toasty while you’re outdoors.

You can use an outdoor heater in locations other than your patio, too. How about your garage? Or a potting shed? Or a gazebo, solarium, balcony, garden – even under an outdoor umbrella or awning.

I poked around Rich’s Bellevue showroom and two outdoor heaters caught my eye:

Solaria all-season outdoor quartz heater (from Philips)

These electric heaters use infrared technology to provide instant and directional radiant heat over a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area (that’s the average size of a patio table with six chairs). This heat is based on the same natural effect the sun provides, so it warms you and not the air.

The great thing about this heater is that there’s no warm-up time; heat instantly pumps out when you switch it on.

The Solaria has a weatherproof casing and safety glass and comes with an adjustable steel wall mounting bracket. Plus, it plugs in to any 120V plug –in.Umbrella-Heater

Electric patio umbrella heater (from Dimplex Outdoor Living)

I’d never seen an umbrella heater before, and these gizmos are neat! This electric heater attaches to almost any size patio umbrella – you don’t even have to remove the umbrella from its base to hook it up.

Ico_umbrella_adjustable Each of its three elements functions independently, providing directional heat. Similar to the Solaria, the quartz radiant elements warm you, rather than the air. Plus, its arms fold for easy storage (and the heat automatically turns off when you fold the arms).

Both heaters operate silently, so you’re not going to be distracted by any strange humming or buzzing. Plus, they’re affordable. (And it’s never too early to plan for Mother’s Day… or Father’s Day.)

Stop by any of Rich’s five Puget Sound locations to see our full line of outdoor heaters.