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Seven ways to stay warm this winter


DecSnow 044 Are you feeling the chilly air the past few days? I went out for my run this morning and almost turned around and came back inside. I did wrap it up early. It is COLD outside. Although we are still having some heavenly sun, it is time to start thinking about more indoor activities for everyone.

While you are at it, do you know how to keep your family warm as well as save energy?

We have some tips to help you stay warm this season and beyond, until the sun gets warm again.

  1. Don't discount warmer clothes for everyone. My daughter has been wearing tee shirts and expecting to stay warm in our home. Goosebumps aren't convincing her otherwise yet. So budget for a few warm sweaters for each member of the family and when someone is chilly, encourage them to put it on. Warm socks or slippers help too.
  2. Consider a Snuggie or some extra blankets accessible to the area where people like to gather and sit.
  3. Purchase appropriate outdoor wear for everyone. Don't wait until it snows. Everyone should have boots, gloves, warm coats and gloves on hand. And don't forget a few umbrellas and/or rain hats.
  4. Purchase extra fuel for your heating sources. There's nothing like running out of fuel on a 20 degree day. Stock up and you will feel better about making sure everyone stays warm this winter.
  5. Don't forget the pets! If they are indoor pets, they need to stay inside with you. And sometimes it even gets too cold outside for outdoor pets. So keep an eye on that thermometer and keep in mind that even outdoor pets should not be outside long term in 30 degree weather.
  6. Make sure that your home is being heated the most efficiently. Travis Industries has a heating worksheet that was extremely helpful for my family when we were looking at options. Even if you think you have chosen the best option for your home, I would encourage you to fill it out. It was very enlightening information for us to learn and list out the cost of each option for heating our home.
  7. Next time that it is cold, or the wind is blowing, take a walk around the inside of your home. Put your hand near registers, windows and feel around doors. Do you feel cold air coming in? If so, warm air is also getting out. Even a storm door can help to seal in a great deal of warmth in your home.

Before you know it, Spring will be here and it will once again be time to take out that outdoor furniture and get your yard ready for entertaining and fun! In the meantime, cuddle up and enjoy some warmth.