Sale, sale, sale!

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Don't you just love sales? I do for sure! They are the perfect opportunity to catch "the deal" that I have always wanted or needed.

You know the feeling–you are walking down the aisle of the store and something catches your eye. So you whip around or back up and take a closer look.

Wow, that's exactly what I have always wanted!

But of course, it will probably be too expensive for your budget. You glance at the price tag. Not bad, but you would like to also make what's in your account stretch until the next payday.

Maybe I should put it back.

Your reach over to set the item back on the shelf and suddenly you remember the BIG SIGN that you saw just inside the doors announcing that all items are 40% off.

Wow, I can buy this and still have enough for what I need. What a deal!

Of course, you buy it, and indeed those are the best deals of them all.

THOSE are the kinds of deals at Rich's for the Home this month. All over the store, you will find great deals from 20-60% off their regular price.

Come see us soon!

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