Heating Cost Worksheet

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Have you ever wondered what it would cost to heat your home with a different fuel type? Here is your chance to find out. Travis Industries has created a great online worksheet to help you determine if a different fuel type would help you save money.

The fuel types included on the sheet are: Electricity, No 2 Oil, Propane, Natural Gas, Pellets and Cord Wood. You do need to have an idea of the cost in your area per KWH, gallon, therm, ton or cord to complete the sheet.

Costofheatingqworksheet_2The worksheet will then calculate your cost per 1 million BTU’s, or British Thermal Units (basically, how heat is measured).

You then add in approximately how many BTU’s you would need to heat the size of your home. They have a handy-dandy cheat list there but you will also need to take climate into consideration.

Your present and new cost of heating is determined by multiplying the cost per million BTU’s for each type that you want to know about, by the amount required each month.

The sheet does the math for you. It’s pretty easy-but can be very enlightening. Let me know what you find out!


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