Clearance Sales Galore!

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The word "clearance" of course comes from the base word of "clear" and is exactly what stores are trying to accomplish in running clearance sales. They are clearing the shelves of merchandise not yet sold and this can mean major savings for you.

With most all items on sale, you can even afford to be a little picky-and yet still save money. You could spend days going to all your fave stores just buying on clearance and it would make for a great-find day.

May I save you a few stops?

I can guarantee you that Rich's prices are already low and with the addition of their clearance items in hot-tubs, outdoor furniture, stoves/fireplaces and accessory items-you will save big.

So if you need anything in those categories, I encourage you to hit Rich's for the Home in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Southcenter, Tacoma or Silverdale. I know you will be impressed with the massive selection.

Rich's for the Home also has barstools on clearance with a large selection to choose from. They have swivel chairs, wooden stools and many more. There are also choices that are easier to store than others so come by and check them out. You can match any decor with Rich's barstools.

Time is passing quickly! Can you believe it is almost the end of January? I can't. It means that Spring will be here soon. Seriously. Mid-February is a short three weeks away and by March even the sun will be warming up. So you might want to consider looking at outdoor furniture now in preparation for the warmer months.

Do you like one particular brand of outdoor furniture over another? Why? Please share with us via the comment section.

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