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Retro-Cool Space Heater: Mini Cube Electric Stove


Dimplex Mini CubeBy Laura Christianson
Guest columnist

My office is located in the lower level of our tri-level home, so it’s perennially chilly – sometimes downright cold – in my little room. I stopped by Rich’s to see what they offer in the way of space heaters, and was introduced to a funky little red electric fireplace called the Mini Cube.

The sales literature calls the Mini Cube a “unique and charming electric stove.” But I call it “cute” and my husband calls it “cool.”

Other than its compact size (13-inch width x 14 ½-inch height x 8-inch depth), the feature that instantly sold my husband and me is that the Mini Cube looks like a real fireplace. There’s a glowing coal bed with dancing flames, generated by a hidden clear 60-watt chandelier or candelabra bulb.

Despite the appeal of the fireplace-esque flames, our bottom line when it comes to purchasing a space heater is: Does it crank out the heat?

Turns out this little guy (I’ve decided this fireplace is of the male gender) heats quite efficiently. It heats up to 400 square feet. The low heat setting provides 600 watts of heat output, while the high setting cranks out 1200 watts, comparable to the large, ugly space heater in my kitchen.

The Mini Cube plugs into a standard 110/120 V household outlet, and has a quiet fan.
I read several reviews of the Mini Cube online, and buyers highly recommend it for use in the following types of rooms:

  • Office
  • Apartment
  • Bedroom
  • Rec room
  • Dorm room (as long as college rules allow for space heaters)
  • Kitchen
  • Hobby Room
  • RV

Dimplex Cube 2 - whiteThe Mini Cube comes in a gloss-red finish. If you’re looking something a bit larger or in a white chrome finish, consider the Mini Cube’s big brother, aptly named The Cube.

Reminding me of my Apple computer from the early 90s, The Cube is 18 ½ inches wide x 18 ½ inches tall x 10 ¼ inches deep and provides 1,480 watts of heat output (650 watts on the low setting and 1300 watts on high).

The Cube and Mini Cube are manufactured by Dimplex, the industry leader in electric fireplaces. Dimplex products are produced by our neighbors to the north in Ontario, Canada.

And here’s the best news: For a limited time, Rich’s is offering the Mini Cube for $99 (it retails for $149). That’s a great price for an electric fireplace that’s not only efficient, but provides a lot more ambiance than a run-of-the-mill space heater.

Here’s a video of the UK version of The Cube so you can see what the flames look like:

More About The Cube

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