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Purfikt Spa: Sleek, Minimalist Design is Ahead of its Time


Looking for a showpiece spa to complement your contemporary home or Zen backyard?

Then you must check out the innovative Purfikt™ spa. Its sleek design is five years ahead of its time.


What makes the Purfikt unique?

The “fusion” design of this spa features jets, a waterfall, and touchscreen controls that are flush against the shell, giving the spa a smooth, minimalist look.

Dual pumps power 39 hydrotherapy jets. The fusion jets provide a seamless and smooth surface to relax against while you enjoy a therapeutic massage.

The power stream volcano jet is just what it sounds like – an amazingly powerful jet that erupts from the floor of the spa, massaging your feet, calves, and lower back.

Power Stream Volcano Jet | Purfikt Spa |

Two deep massage seats are located directly beneath dual 24” fusion waterfalls, so you can enjoy soothing warm water flowing over your neck and shoulders while you massage your back. Both waterfalls are vibrantly lit and fully adjustable.

Speaking of lighting, the Purfikt features a Chromazone interior and exterior lighting system, with the ability to mix, match, and blend up to 16 million colors! On the spa’s exterior, a band of color wraps around all four sides.

The Purfikt comes with three additional perks you’ll love.

Fusion Touchscreen Controls

Fusion Touchscreen Controls on the Purfikt Spa |

An intuitive digital touch interface allows you to easily activate jets, set the water temperature, program filtration cycles, and select lighting color.

Dual Cool-Down Decks

Rainbow Wrap Lighting | Purfikt Spa |

Most hot tubs have skinny sides, making it extremely uncomfortable to sit on the edge and dangle your feet in the water. The Purfikt spa does decks right, featuring wide areas on two sides to sit and lounge atop the spa.

Patented Infinity Edge Design

Infinity Edge Design | Purfikt Spa |

A special perk is having a barrier-free view. The innovative Purfikt boasts the largest infinity edge on any portable hot tub so you can take in the beauty of your surroundings.

The new Purfikt spa, manufactured by our friends at Coast Spas, is currently on display in our Lynnwood showroom. You’ll ooh and aah when you see it. That’s because it’s simply Purfikt.