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Winter’s A-Comin’! Is Your Outdoor Furniture Protected?


Protective Furniture Cover The Puget Sound area’s first blustery wind-rainstorm of the season hit Saturday night; I’m glad I had the presence of mind to move my patio furniture under cover before the onslaught.

I plan to further protect my outdoor furnishings by tucking covers around them. Fortunately, Rich’s stocks a huge variety of protective patio furniture covers.

These covers aren’t flimsy tarps, either. They’re constructed from an exclusive Rhinoweave™ fabric that’s durable, water resistant, breathable, and will not crack or peel.

The champagne-colored fabric fits easily and securely over my furniture. Most covers have a spring cinch lock that secures the cover in place. Plus, every cover has a storage pouch sewn into it, so when I’m not using the covers, I can easily store them in the self-pouch.

Prices for protective furniture covers are reasonable, ranging from $25-$40, depending on the size of the furniture. Rich’s stocks covers for the following types of outdoor furniture:

  • oval & rectangle occasional table
  • dining table (oval or rectangle)
  • loveseat
  • glider love seat
  • rocking chair
  • chair and a half
  • chaise lounge
  • double chaise lounge
  • xtra large sofa
  • ottoman
  • high back chair
  • patio chair
  • patio umbrella

Give the friendly sales associates at Rich’s a call and let them know what type of cover you need; they can order covers in the exact width, height, and depth to fit just about any type of outdoor furniture. 

Check out this link to Treasure Garden to see examples of the many types of protective furniture covers available: