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Preview Morsø Stoves in Your Own Virtual Living Room


In yesterday’s post, we introduced you to Morsø, the world’s oldest manufacturer of cast-iron stoves.

On their Web site, Morsø created an interactive virtual living room so you can see how different stove styles, forms, and sizes will look in your living space.

Morso virtual living room

Go to:

Then follow these easy steps:

1.  Upload your image

Take a digital picture of the area where you plan to install the new stove. For best results, set your camera on landscape mode. If you don’t have a digital image handy, Morsø has a choice of six inspirational room images.

2.  Choose your favorite Morsø stove

Find your favorite stove and play with the size and location. Just click on a stove and drag it into your room image. To adjust size, click the scale box above the room and slide the bar to make larger or smaller.

3.  Save image or print

You can save the image on your computer or print it out. If you want to change backgrounds, just click on the background box to be brought back to the six room choices provided.

4.  Bring image to Rich's

Our expert sales staff will help you select the right size Morsø stove for your living space. We have five Puget Sound stores in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Tacoma, Southcenter, and Silverdale, WA.