State-of-the Art Pellet Insert: Lopi AGP

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A year ago, Lopi introduced the AGP pellet stove. AGP stands for All Grades of Pellets. The AGP is designed to efficiently burn any grade of ¼-inch or 5/16th diameter fuel. The AGP freestanding pellet stove has been a top-seller this year, so Lopi created a pellet insert model, as well.

Lopi AGP Pellet Insert

Heat Output

The insert has a heating capacity of up to 2,000 square feet. On the low setting, the heat output is 11,480 BTUs per hour, and on the high setting, it cranks out up to 41,000 BTUs per hour.

Lengthy Burn Time

The large, adjustable hopper allows for more than one bag of pellet fuel, from 40-70 pounds. That means you get a lengthy burn time before you’ll need to reload the insert. The maximum burn time on low is 50 hours, and on high, 28 hours (based on a 70 lb. fuel load).


Pellet fuel is 100% all-natural and considered a renewable resource. With less than 1 gram of emissions per hour, the AGP pellet insert is cleanest wood burning appliance you add to your home. So clean, in fact, that the EPA has declared it exempt from burn bans.


A nice feature of this insert is that it’s self-cleaning, so you'll rarely need to remove any unburned pellets. The heavy-duty stainless steel burn platform is designed to burn the fuel completely and remain clear of obstructions during operation. The low-maintenance design is set up for easy ash removal.

Optional Thermostat and Remote

The AGP pellet insert features GreenSmart™ technology that allows the insert to automatically adjust the flame and heat output – up to 72% without shutting down. Most pellet inserts only turn on and off rather than adjust the feed rate to maintain your comfort in the room. This feature is designed to give you the ability to operate your pellet insert through a wired wall mount thermostat or hand held remote control thermostat.

Finish Options

The AGP Pellet Insert is available in two finishes, Black Paint or with hand-finished Rust Patina side panels.

AGP Pellet Insert Finishes
Made in the USA

Lopi LogoLopi stoves are manufactured by Travis Industries, located just down the street from Rich’s, in Mukilteo, WA.

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