Thinking About Fall Storage for Your Outdoor Furniture

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LukeWinterProg08 006 With some leaves already on the ground and the blackberries at their late-season plumpness, you know that it's almost time for thinking STORAGE for your outdoor furniture and grill.

Don't do it quite yet! Of course, some of our warmest weather comes about at the end of August and September and you want everything accessible to enjoy the rest of the summer weather. But you can start thinking about what you will do when the sudden rain and wind of Fall comes along. As you know, sometimes it is a sudden change in the season for us and it is good to be ready.

If you just purchased new goodies this year, I hope that you thought ahead. But if not, it's not too late to:

  1. Make room in the garage for the furniture and grill.
  2. Buy a grill cover and (best option) find a covered place for it.
  3. Find a cover or large sheet of plastic for your yard umbrella.
  4. Make or purchase a small shed for your yard for all your goodies.
  5. Make room inside a warmer area for any rolled up rugs, upholstery, fabric-covered or other items that might mold in a cold shed.
  6. Make room in your kitchen or a sealed box for accessories, portable lighting, nick-knacks, etc. Make sure you wrap breakables well.
  7. Save planters and pots for next year. Consider emptying this year's dirt in your compost bin if you have one.
  8. Consider new mulch for your flowerbeds to cover them for winter.
  9. Purchase a cover for your hot-tub.
  10. Have supplies ready to wrap pipes if freezing weather comes.
  11. Check your power outage supplies
  12. Check your fuel supply and primary and secondary heat source.

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  1. outdoor living furniture

    Good advice but if I may expand a little, for safety reasons.
    If your grill is a gas consider disconnecting, then removing the pressure tubing and storing it inside, especially for colder climates. While pressure lines hold up well, they will last longer if you keep them out of extreme cold.
    Any propane or gas tanks (that contain fuel) should be stored outside, but in a protected manner to minimize the possibility of ruptured seals.

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