Spring is Coming!

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I’m not sure about that Groundhog. Weren’t we supposed to
have more winter? Perhaps I speak too soon but here in the northwest we have
had two beautiful days of sunshine! It gets very chilly at night still but in
the sun’s rays, warmth is felt. Some bulbs are bursting through in my flower
gardens and my family member’s moods are much improved.


It puts me in the mood for Spring! I am already looking at
my deck and seeing which outdoor furniture I have that will also work for this
I confess that I have already dragged out a couple of lawn chairs and had
a few sitting sessions-although I have yet to fire up the grill for the season.
Right now, I am using only “portable” furniture that I can fold up and put away
when we have a rainstorm. But soon (I hope) I can re-arrange the patio
furniture for the whole season.


I want to try out a Tempest Torch this year. And although
most of the patio furniture will work well again for this year, I want to make
a few additions. Container gardening is one and I will post more on that later
this week. We did only one container of plants on the deck last year and I want
more this year. I also want to add a couple of side tables to my furniture set
from Rich’s for the Home. I am also thinking about hanging planters. Has anyone
tried them? I have purchased them for my mom before but have yet to have a few
on my own deck.


Flowers (and even veggies) can be a wonderful addition to
any outdoor room décor. They can be mixed in with the furniture or given their
own area-both ideas work.


Are you planning your outdoor décor yet? Let’s do it! The
sun is out and before you know it, Spring will be sprung! Let me know what you
are planning to do!

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