Spring Has Sprung

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Well, did you get your patio furniture and flower pots yet? I will admit-I am running behind. Where did the time go? Here it is-SPRING already. Time to get it in gear, Jules!

I have a friend who just carefully potted about five plants-for his living room. Oh-and he bought a new area rug too. Then of course, he had everyone over to show it off.

But it got me thinking-my outdoor living space isn’t quite done yet. His is done-pout-and includes flowers, fire-pit and BBQ. I need to catch up, so here is my list of to-do’s:

  • Buy 3 pots and plant them full.
  • Scrounge up 2 wooden planters from last year and plant them.
  • Buy 2-3 hanging baskets, already planted.
  • Choose flowers that compliment patio décor.
  • Choose flowers that won’t die if I forget to water them once or twice during the summer.
  • Choose plants that bloom at different times for ongoing flowers.
  • Let my 6 year old help me with planting and watering.
  • Let my older two help with placement of the pots.
  • Weed the bed by the patio.
  • Look at getting a better Welcome-Mat-Thingy. Mine just might break when I pick it up.
  • Check deck for any staining and painting touch-ups needed.
  • Check wooden furniture for same.
  • Pull out cushions and check for wear and tear (and critters). Wipe down.
  • Arrange chairs and table.
  • Sweep deck.
  • Take a deep breath and relax (whew!)

Come on- help keep me motivated. Share your to-do list for spring in the comment section.

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