Simple styles for your outdoor room

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As the snow melts and the sun begins to shine, a glimmer of summer appears. The one thing I look forward to the most about the upcoming season is enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. I know that you do too.

From cookouts to parties, there are so many memories to be made out on the patio. In addition to great company, sunsets and fireflies, here are a few more ways to make your patio more welcoming to your guests.

  1. Simple– If you want to keep decorating simple, add an outdoor rug to your patio. Find a complimentary tablecloth and brightly colored plates, bowls and cups for the table. If you are entertaining special guests, fill an extra cup with fresh flowers or use a lantern for the centerpiece. If you don’t have outdoor furniture yet, check out Rich’s aluminum patio furniture. It is not only durable and maintenance-free, but on sale this month.
  2. Elegant– Give your outdoor patio a touch of elegance with two opposite elements: fire and water. A fountain will be calming, while an outdoor fire pit gives a comforting feeling. On the table, fill a small, clear bowl with sparkling fish tank stones for the centerpiece. Elegant decorations go well with wrought iron furniture.
  3. Classic-Nothing brings nostalgia like wind chimes and birdbaths. Have a few planters nearby with flowers to give your patio a classic feel and make a garden sculpture your centerpiece. If you enjoy a classical style, woven and wicker furniture might be right for you.
  4. Fun– Give your patio an energetic feeling with colorful string lights and hanging lanterns. Surrounding the patio area with Tempest Torches can add essential lighting and a vivid umbrella can prevent sunburn. And don’t forget—keep a radio nearby to keep the party going!

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