Outdoor furniture fresher

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Now that it is mid-summer, your outdoor room might need a little sprucing up before your next gathering. Take a look at it now to make sure that it is in ship-shape condition.

  1. Wiggle your outdoor furniture around to check all the joints.
  2. Tighten any screws that need it.
  3. Take a cloth with the cleaner the furniture manufacturer recommends and clean as needed. You can usually wipe any cushions that are outdoor cushions too.
  4. Fluff and wash the padded pillows, as manufacturer recommends.
  5. Add a fresh pot or flowers or replant the pots that have dying flowers.
  6. Check the hot-tub for cleanliness and follow manufacturers directions for treating water.
  7. Make sure the grill racks are clean.
  8. Shake out any throw rugs or mats.
  9. Sweep the patio and sidewalks.
  10. Remove any dead limbs, leaves or debris from plants. 
  11. Check any outdoor lights. Replace bulbs as needed.
  12. Check any outdoor heaters or lanterns.

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    Thanks for the tips you posted! It is really very hard to maintain outdoor furniture especially if the main problem is the weather!

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