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Here are some samples of outdoor living spaces that I hope will inspire you to look at what you want in design and functionality. Grab a notebook and jot down your ideas as you browse.

Popular this year is a cabana of some type. They are great for decor of course, but are also practical for some shelter here in the Northwest. Below you will see an Asian-inspired design.


I adore this bench. It is from Indonesia but you can also find wood benches here in the USA, as well as faux wood. Sometimes you can even find this look made with other materials.


I LOVE this patio set below. Do you see how it isn’t the main focus, and yet the set enhances the entire picture? The curve of the furniture draws the eye and provides a touch of elegance. And yet, it is a practical set. The cushions are soft and throw pillows are added for an extra touch. Look for the curves in your furniture to soften the look.

Nw09 103

The set below draws the eye with the yellow and gray combination. It’s also for complete comfort so consider a set like this only if it has full shelter from the elements or is made for our Northwest weather. Looks comfy though for sure!

Nw09 111

Another comfy set is below in the same color family. I am viewing more comfort for sure in recent design styles. I love the concept. Can you imagine spending as much time outside as you do on the couch inside? Design like this makes that possible.

Sky Limit2

Got some ideas? Great! Take your list to Rich’s for the Home and let us help you find exactly what you need for your outdoor rooms. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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