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I just attended the NW Flower and Garden Show and one of my goals was to find hanging baskets that I liked for my outdoor patio. Well wouldn't you figure? I didn't see many. 

I saw several outdoor furniture sets that I liked but hanging baskets were rare. Apparently I am behind the times. I did see many gorgeous container gardens and pots. I even went to a couple of seminars on pots so I could learn to fill them better. Karen Chapman from Le Jardinet taught one that I found most helpful in the area of pulling colors together in a pot.

I learned by checking out the display gardens that it is soothing to the eye to work with the same colors. For instance, several times I saw a piece of furniture that I liked and either flowers or statue were nearby with that exact color in it too. It was subtle, not obvious, but in looking more I saw that it is part of what makes the gardens so pleasing to the eye and relaxing. I wonder if designers start out with a particular palette? And if so do they base it on the plant that they love or a piece of furniture or art? Or maybe it varies with each garden.

Because I learned so much, I am going to change around my outdoor patio decor a little this year. I have my furniture (except additions I still need to get) from Rich's for the Home already. And I love the reddish color in them. So I am going to the store to get paint chips and bring them home to match them to the furniture. Then I will hit the nursery to find pots and flowers that have that same color lightly throughout.

It will compliment the furniture and the entire set will be more relaxing for all. I can't wait!

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