Mood Lighting for Your Patio

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In my last post, I provided you with tips for furnishing your small balcony or patio. But selecting the appropriate patio set is only the beginning of the fun. Now it’s time to create ambiance.

Think of your patio as a getaway space where you can relax with glass of wine or cup of coffee, chat with friends, or enjoy the sunset. Your patio lighting shouldn’t be too bright and glaring, but should be soft, with a touch of romance.

Consider the following types of fixtures:

Twinkly Christmas tree lights – Wrapped tastefully around your balcony railing or dripping from the ceiling.

Paper lanterns – Hung from the ceiling or tacked to a wall.

Tall, funky floor lamp – Choose one that complements the style of your patio furniture.

Camp lantern – For that rugged, outdoorsy feel.

Bracket torch – If you want a more feminine or romantic touch, a glass and wrought iron torch clamps to your deck railing.

Candles – The possibilities are endless: floating candles, jar candles, tealights, pillars, votives, scented or unscented. Include a couple of citronella candles for repelling insects; they now come in pretty containers.

Bamboo torches – You’ll feel as if you’re in the Tiki Room at Disneyland!

Solar lights – Tuck these versatile accent fixtures into planters or window boxes. Attach them to a lamp post or hang them from a pole. You can even light your patio pathway with solar stepping stones!

In my next post, we’ll talk about how to deck-orate your patio with plants.

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