Lighting for Your Outdoor Room

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Hand_crafted_copper_decklights Sometimes I wonder about the lights people have on their decks or in their backyards. I can see the benefit of additional safety, and I guess I can also see highlighting some landscaping here and there. Certainly it helps people see when their visiting time turns into dusk. But I do feel there is such a thing as too much light. I mean, lighting up your entire yard at night, unless you have visitors or are running tours, feels like a waste of energy to me. Except at Christmas time, of course.

Through the rest of the year, some tasteful light is good, and of course you want your outdoor living spaces to be safe and attractive. Although I need to study up more on lighting up landscaping itself, you do want your gathering area (deck or whatever that might be) to have lighting needs met in a smart, and affordable way. There are many ways to accomplish this, including poles with lights mounted on them, hanging lanterns, installed lights attached to home or other fixture, or lights install directly into the ground. Then there are light bulbs to choose, connections to consider and power on and off options to Outdoor_pendant_2 look at. Whew-who knew there was so much to just lights? Outdoor_pendant

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