Getting Ready for Spring

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Here in the Northwest, we must be conscious of the effects of weather on our outdoor furniture and grills. I hope that you took care to store your items well this past season.

Now it is time to think about bringing them out again and getting them ready for Spring and Summer. Isn't that exciting? Well, it's never exciting to clean things up if they have been out in the weather but spend the time thinking ahead to the days of sunshine and fun family times that are coming. It's also fun to plan where you are going to put everything.

Getting your outdoor furniture ready for Spring is a good time to:

  • Assess what you have.
  • Check for wobbly table/chair legs.
  • Check surfaces for peeling, chips and potential splinter dangers.
  • Find those outdoor cushions that you tucked away…somewhere.
  • Clean your furniture.
  • Make a list of needed repairs and supplies that you need to repair with.
  • Make a list of any additional pieces that you would like to add to your set.

Your grill might also need some pre-work. Check for:

  • Adequate fuel supply.
  • Rust in the joints or on the racks of the grill.
  • Secured shelves, nuts, bolts, etc.
  • Needed utensils.
  • Anything that needs cleaning.
  • Ability to light and start up.

Are you ready yet? I can hardly wait for Spring!

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