Deck-orating Your Patio or Balcony

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During the first two posts in this series, we’ve talked about how to dress up your patio or balcony with furniture, and how to create mood lighting.  Today, I’ll share some additional deck-orating ideas for your small outdoor space.


If you live in the temperate Pacific Northwest, as I do, a space heater is a “must” for your patio.  Perfect for an outdoor covered patio, gazebo, or awning is the Solaira Cosy 1500 and Cosy 2000.


I like to listen to the soft tinkle of wind chimes when I’m on my patio. No electric outlets needed; windchime music is created by nature itself.


If you’ve got a nosy neighbor next door or you just want a bit more privacy, consider investing in a bamboo screen.


No matter how small your space, a few well-chosen plants will ramp up your patio’s attraction factor. Choose from a variety of containers to house your plants: a terracotta
or ceramic pot, a plastic beach pail, or an old tea kettle.

Here are a few splashes of color to consider:

  • Cherry tomatoes and other veggies – If you’ve got a warm, sunny patio, chances are good that you’ll be able to reap a nice harvest of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cucumbers. Start ‘em inside from seeds and transplant into patio-sized containers after the last freeze of the season.
  • Herbs – Similar to planting veggies, you can grow and harvest your own basil, mint, or thyme, from seed or from cuttings. When planting, choose tall containers for tall herbs and short pots for flat herbs.
  • Bonsai – Bonsai and other diminutive plantings not only adapt well to container life, but they provide a gorgeous miniature landscape for your patio.

What’s your favorite deck-orating idea? Please share it with me in the Comments area.

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