An Outdoor Room

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In states like Arizona, people love to live outdoors when it is not too warm. By adding a covered "porch" onto their homes, they enjoy extra time with family and friends. Many grill a large percentage of their meals. And something magical occurs.

Neighbors out for a walk wave hello, and often stop to talk. People driving by might pause and ask for directions. Without the distraction of electronics, your family actually enjoys time talking again. You realize that you not only have a neighborhood, but a sense of community within it, because no one is hiding behind closed doors.

Adjust_arm_double_chaise_2 Outdoor furniture is an important aspect of socialization and bonding with your Wicker_tea_trolley_2 family and community, even in the Northwest. The last few years, we have had warm enough weather at the end of February for outdoor gathering. And in January a couple of years ago, we actually had a stretch of seventy-degree weather for an entire week!

Are you ready? Outdoors is already beckoning to me and I know it must be to you, too.

Whether outdoor furniture is a part of your original landscape plan or not, it is time to add it in. It does often take a few weeks for delivery so plan now so that you can enjoy it when the warmth hits.

A table set with chairs is essential, of course, and chairs that can be relaxed in are important too. In fact, the Adjustable Arm Double Chaise made by Lloyd/Flanders comes highly recommended. The wicker Tea Trolley is a fun, and usable accessory. And Rich’s even carries outdoor heaters for those evenings when the Northwest chill visits.

Your outdoor gathering area is but an extension of your home. Prepare it as such, and you will be glad that you did.

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