5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

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Your outdoor furniture has a huge impact on the overall feel of your outdoor room, but finding the right furniture can be difficult, given the dizzying array of options available. When shopping for your furniture, consider the following:

1.  Your home’s architectural style

Elegantly scrolled cast aluminum furniture may seem out of place in a Craftsman-style home, where wicker or mission-style wood furniture would complement the architecture. On the other hand, that same cast aluminum furniture would enhance an ivy-covered cottage or Victorian-style home.

2.  Covered or uncovered space

If your space is covered, you’ll have less maintenance concerns with wrought iron or wood furniture, but if it’s uncovered, you may want to avoid these materials if you live in a more temperate (rainy) climate.

3.  Functional needs

  • Will you entertain family and friends, or business contacts?
  • Do you just want a place to sit comfortably and catch a few rays while supervising the kids, or something more sophisticated?
  • Will you eat meals outside, or just serve drinks?
  • Do you have a pool or spa to enjoy?

Answering these questions will narrow down your choices and ensure you get the furniture that best serves your needs.

4.  Maintenance needs

Furniture made with certain materials (i.e., wood and wrought iron) will require more maintenance than other materials (aluminum and glass). Make sure the furniture you choose matches your commitment to keeping it looking good.

5.  Storage space required

If you don’t use your outdoor space year-round, you’ll need off-season storage. Chairs that fold or stack easily require less storage space than those that don’t.

Answering these questions will help you find the ideal patio furniture for your outdoor living space, and ensure your long-term satisfaction with your investment.

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    As for outdoor furniture, do you have any furniture/decorating ideas for us condo dwelling folks who just have a little balcony to dress up? I love spending time out there in the summer, but it’s tough finding furnishings that aren’t too big. 🙂

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