How to Transform Your Mantel to a Winter Wonderland Design

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Easy Steps to Transform Your Mantel Décor from Fall to Winter |

In recent articles, we’ve demonstrated how to design a festive fall mantel and how to create three DIY mantel projects.

Now, it’s time to transform your mantel to a winter wonderland design, using natural elements such as branches and leaves from your backyard.

Fall mantel decor    Christmas mantel

Our mantel’s transition from Fall to Christmas was easy and FAST. Watch this 15-second time-lapse video for proof! We’ll show you how yours can be, too.

Ok, your mantel transformation doesn’t have to be that fast. But it can be just as easy. By using pieces that transition quickly from fall to Christmas, your holiday decorating can be finished in a jiffy.

Thankful Banner for Fall Mantel

Joyful Burlap Banner

Your burlap banner (click here for the tutorial on how to make it) flips around if you prepare it with one word on each side before you hang it. For the word “joyful” we used a font called “sweet pea.

Joyful Banner

Shabby-Chic Reversible Mason Jars

Similarly, the shabby-chic Mason jars also turn around to reveal “NOEL” in place of “FALL.” (Click here for our Mason jar tutorial).

Fall mason jars

Noel Mason Jars

Pre-Loaded Picture Frame

Another easy change is to have a picture frame pre-loaded with holiday prints. It’s easy to find a wide variety of free designs on Pinterest, and you can use the same picture frame to switch between holidays and seasons all year long:

Christmas printable

This Christmas printable was found here:

And the Autumn Blessings printable we switched it over from here:

Finishing Touches

Beyond that, all we did was hang our stockings with care, and carefully lay cedar branches with white lights along our mantel. The big bonus of using real cedar branches is, of course, that they make your home smell wonderful for the holidays. And you don’t have to store them year-round. They’re always there when you need them, particularly here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Other elements we used that you may want to consider are a large mirror to hang your wreath on, and a large vase or urn to incorporate the cedar branches on another level of your hearth.

Pine cones in a vase or apothecary jar are another natural touch to emphasize the woodsy feel of this décor, and of course, a wreath made from leaves or branches.

Coming Next

Later this week, we’re going to show you how to create:

Golden Magnolia Wreath

Golden Magnolia Wreath

Cinnamon Stick Votive holder

Cinnamon Stick Votive holder

Happy Holidays

Rich’s for the Home wishes you a healthy, happy, and blessed holiday season. We hope you get to spend time with your loved ones, in front of a cozy fireplace, decorated to perfection!

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