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Love to Grill? Short on Time? Try Jamie Purviance’s New Cookbook


Grilling doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

That’s the theory of Jamie Purviance, author of a new cookbook called, Weber's Time to Grill: Get In. Get Out. Get Grilling.

Weber Time to Grill Cookbook
Purviance, a New York Times best-selling author and 2010 James Beard Award nominee, came up with an ingenious idea for presenting the 200-plus recipes in this new cookbook. He pairs the recipes on two-page spreads. On the left-hand page, you’ll find “easy” recipes that require 15 minutes or less of prep time. On the right-hand page are “adventurous” recipes, with prep times of 30 minutes or so.

Each pair of recipes use a common set of easy-to-find supermarket ingredients.
 “This is the only place you will find a barbecue classic such as slow-cooked ribs, right beside a version that takes half the time ribs normally require,” says Purviance.

When you purchase the cookbook, you will get access to the exclusive "” website, where you’ll find a grocery list for all the recipes and you can search by recipe titles, category, or page number. The site also includes a grill timer that can you can set for any recipe, and you can add notes to your favorite recipes.

The 304-page cookbook retails for $24.95 (MSRP). We stock Weber's Time to Grill at Rich’s Bellevue and Lynnwood stores.

Grilling Tips from Jamie Purviance

Here are a several excellent grilling tips from Jamie Purviance that I adapted from in the June 2011 issue of The Costco Connection:

Check Fuel

You don’t want to run out of gas or charcoal while cooking your meal. So before you crank up the grill, make sure you’re stocked up on fuel.

Preheat the Grill

Close the lid and preheat on high for about 15 minutes, until it reaches about 500 degrees. This will give your meat a nice sear (and will make it easier for you to clean the grate).

What NOT to do

Don’t grill a cold steak

A dry or burned steak isn’t very tasty. And the longer a steak cooks, the more dry it gets. Let the steak stand at room temperature for 15-30 minutes.

Don’t open the lid too often

Resist the temptation to keep peeking at the steak. Opening the lid frequently slows cooking time. And to repeat the mantra above, “the longer a steak cooks, the more dry it gets.”

Don’t poke at the meat

Poking, turning, or fiddling with the meat doesn’t help matters. It merely releases the flavor-infusing smoke into the air (instead of into your meat).

Consider pairing Weber's Time to Grill with a new Weber grill. The May 2011 issue of Consumer Reports gives two Weber grills top ratings, and we have an excellent selection of Weber grills at Rich's five Puget Sound showrooms in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Tacoma, Southcenter, and Silverdale.

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