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How to Have an Eco-Friendly 4th of July


U.S.Flag Image courtesy of Emilien Auneau This 4th of July, why not go "green" with your celebration? Here's how:

1.  Get crafty.

Ask your guests to bring a box of stuff they'd normally throw away. You supply hammers, nails, glue etc. Set everything out on a table and have everyone craft their own wind-chime or garden sign.

2.  Choose local, organic foods whenever possible.

Turn a visit to an organic farm into a party. Don't be shy about asking the farmer for ideas and recipes.

3.  Focus on no-cost fun, including old-fashioned games.

Set up an obstacle course or relay races that you adapt according to participants' ages. More games.

4.  If you're seriously into eco-friendly, ditch the personal fireworks as they are anything but.

Also, it is more environmentally friendly for thousands of people to attend a big display versus setting off your own fireworks.

5.  Don’t waste food.

If you have leftovers, send them with people who will eat them. Put them in containers with lids versus plastic baggies. If you don’t want to send your good leftover dishes, buy disposable that can be washed and re-used.

6.  Recycle any waste that is left over.

Put veggie and fruit scraps in the compost bin. Recycle aluminum cans and anything plastic or glass.

7.  Walk to your local parade and fireworks instead of using your car.

That will make even parking a breeze. Or ride your bikes and get good exercise too.

8.  Proudly wear a green tee shirt to any gatherings.

How about “I’m celebrating with Red, White and Green?”

    Thanks to CelebrateGreen for a couple of the above ideas.