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How to Create the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams


Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend. You can turn an
underused outdoor space into a stunning haven that’s perfect for cooking, entertaining
and relaxing. With some careful planning, you can use your outdoor kitchen

Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen
When you visit Rich’s, you’ll find loads of inspiring ideas
for creating an outdoor kitchen. Our friends at Twin Eagles specialize in hand-crafting
high-quality outdoor kitchen components that blend modern design and classic

Let’s explore the elements you’ll want to consider including
in your outdoor kitchen.


The hub of your kitchen will be the grill. We recommend the
Twin Eagles 30” or 36” outdoor gas grill. 
These grills, which can be either built-in or free-standing (with a cart), feature 25,000 BTUs per burner.
The burners are constructed of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel.

Twin Eagles 30 inch gas grill
These grills incorporate a 5-part system that uses both
direct and radiant heat. This ensures that the grill will preheat faster, reach
higher temperatures, distribute the heat more evenly, offer complete control in
each grilling zone, and use less gas.

LED lights and polished edges
Twin Eagles grills have the ability to cook multiple food
items at different temperatures. For example, on a 30-inch grill, which has two
zones, you could grill steaks over one zone while cooking corn or asparagus
over a separate zone at a lower temperature. A divider between each burner
breaks the grilling surface into zones. You can operate all zones at the same
temperature level or control each zone temperature independently.

All 30”, 36” and 42” grills have an optional Sear Zone (pictured below).
25,000 BTUs of direct heat will sear meats faster and deeper to seal in juices,
resulting in moist, flavorful food.

Sear Zone

Twin Eagles offers a huge variety of built-in accessories,
including side burners, griddles, power burners, smoker boxes, warming drawers,
and more. You can special order any Twin Eagles item at Rich’s and it’ll be
delivered in approximately two weeks.

Let’s take a look at some other necessities you’ll want to
add to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Refrigerator

Keep beverages, marinating meats and
side dishes cold in this stainless steel-wrapped fridge that includes 6.1 feet
of storage, two removable wire shelves three door-mounted shelves and full auto

Outdoor Refrigerator
Ice Maker

This stainless steel ice maker cranks
out 55 lbs of ice per day and includes 22 lbs. of built-in storage capacity.
Ice MakerCooler Drawer

If you don’t want a full-fledged
refrigerator, consider this 30” cooler drawer that includes a 48-quart ice

Cooler Drawer
24” Drop-In Sink

This large, commercial-quality sink with an oversized basin
includes an integrated soap dispenser and cold faucet.
Outdoor Sink18” or 30” Outdoor Beverage Center

The insulated ice compartment holds up to 40 lbs. of ice.
Three specially designed compartments keep beverages cool and condiments fresh.
The bar features:

  • Stainless steel sliding ice bin cover
  • Front speed rail holds 1-liter bottles
  • Stainless steel bottle opener and towel
  • Stainless steel bar sink and chrome

30 inch outdoor bar
Margarita Center

A versatile addition to your outdoor kitchen, the Margarita
Center adds a dedicated appliance station to create a cocktail mixing center, a
coffee & espresso bar, or a fresh juice bar. Includes a built-in 120 V
electrical outlet.

Margarita Center
Beer Keg Dispenser

Serve up frosty cold draft beer right from the tap! The
dispenser can hold half or quarter kegs and includes the draft tower, C02 tank
and regulator.

Beer Keg Dispenser
36” Tall Dry Storage Drawer

Every outdoor kitchen needs a place to organize and store
essentials. These dry, sealed storage cabinets ensure that contents are
protected from the elements. The extra deep design with fixed shelves and fully
extension drawer offer generous space and storage flexibility.

Tall Trash Drawer
Tall Trash Drawer

No outdoor kitchen would be complete without a place to hide
your trash. This 18” pull-out trash drawer includes a large capacity trash

Tall Trash Drawer
Paper Towel Drawer

Don’t forget the finishing touch – a slide-out paper towel
drawer and towel bar.Paper Towel Dispenser

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