Water Exercise

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One of Rich’s popular comforts in long days and months of grey, black, wet and cold is a hot jetted spa. Frequent soaks not only are warming, but sooth away the kinks and stress, and make everything grey seem just a bit brighter. It’s all in the blood flow of our bodies, which is more limited when we tense up. And of course with blood flow at reduced capacity, our brains and other organs don’t function as well. A recent study tied reduced blood flow in the brain to dementia. Yikes! Aches and pains increase without proper blood flow and heart issues can also occur.Water_exercise_is


  • Relaxes the muscles and smoothes away pain
  • Reduces soreness and tightness
  • Rejuvenates the skin cells

If pain is an issue for you check with your doctor about some gentle exercises and stretches you can accomplish while in warm water. The right kind of warm water exercise is beneficial for cases of back pain, knee pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post-we will talk about how to choose a spa that is right for you.

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