Troubleshooting the Bubbly

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What are some things that can cause your hot-tub to not work properly? According to Hot Tub Living, here are a few:

Problem: Weak water flow at jets

Possible Causes: Water level low (Raise water level half way in skimmer opening); Obstacle in skimmer or intakes (Look for hot tub toy or T-shirt as culprit); Clogged or collapsed filter element. (Hose off element. Chemically clean, if necessary, or replace).

Problem: Heater operation weak   

Possible Cause: Dirty filter element slowing flow to heater.(Examine element; clean or replace it. Scale buildup on heater coils. Call in a pro to check, repair or replace).

Problem: Loss of water

Possible Causes: Leak in shell, pipes or hoses. (Locate leak. Ask dealer to correct); Evaporation. (Be sure to cover the hot tub when you exit); Frolicking soakers splash a lot (The remedy is up to you. Are you a party pooper?); The dog is drinking it. (Not good for dog’s body chemistry. Tether dog).

CovermateHere are some frequently asked questions regarding maintenance of hot tubs provided by Pro Pool & Spa in Canada:

Q. When should I clean my filter?

A. Filters should be cleaned annually and can be cleaned with a cleaning solution, following the directions on the label carefully.

Q. I noticed sand in my pool in front of my jets. What’s wrong?


A. A large amount of sand could mean there is a problem internally with your filter, either in the tank or filter head. Call a service technician.

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