The Warmth of a Spa Gathering

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What do you do for fun-time? Too many video games? You are not alone. According to the most recent stats from the Entertainment Software Association, "…Sixty-nine percent of American heads of households play computer and video games".

Wow! And you thought your kids were playing them all!

As you know, there are additional ways to plan together times that will enrich relationships, keep brain power running, and increase communication amongst your family members, friends and neighbors (uh-besides texting).

Why not have a gathering that includes time in the spa without the interruptions of life or a push to get to the next event? When you sit around the spa, you are face-to-face. You either talk or end up staring at each other, right? Well, it’s the perfect time to make that talk time happen. Take advantage of the huge clearance sale at Rich’s and order the spa today that you have always dreamed of.

Couple_spa_richs_istock_3 We will look back and fondly remember the quality times we spent talking and listening to each other. We learn from each other then, and we grow. We advise each other and return home with more to think on. We feel cared for and loved. And we know the people that we spend time with in this way are ones that we can rely on.

Communicate in the spa-and make the greatest impact.

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