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A spa or hot-tub is an investment and hopefully something that you will spend lots of time in. It makes sense to choose one that fits you and your family, as well as your décor.

With numerous options and features available (yes, cup-holders, sound systems, towel warmers, etc are not just rumors), you should consider discussing the many options before loading everyone up to hit one of Rich’s showrooms.

Take the following into consideration:

Consider the main use. Will your spa be for therapeutic reasons? Social interaction? This will help you determine size, seating needs and jet preferences.

Think about décor. If you are fitting the spa into current landscaping or a new landscaping plan, you will need to consider color, shape, size and preparation in relation to where the spa will sit.

Comfort is key. Especially if using the spa for therapeutic reasons, be aware that various comfort options are offered, including padded pillows. Music options with a waterproof remote might help your motivation if you are using the warm water to exercise.

Consider responsibility, as well as finances. If you choose an energy-efficient model, most cost $12.00 or less a month to run.

Consider the future. Perhaps you don’t want music now but your kids are only a few years away from blasting you out of the house with their stereos. Or maybe your main reason for buying a spa now is for your kid’s events, but they will fly the coop in a couple of years. These are all things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Consider timing. Will you be moving in the next few years? Spas are considered portable but it doesn’t mean that you will want to upset the landscaping around it and take it with you if you move. Most people don’t. Determine what will happen if you do relocate and choose your hot tub or spa with that in mind.

Here is a fun article originally published in Pool & Spa Living about choosing your spa based on your “personality”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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